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Projects in Progress the Studio

~Grapevine Transom~

These windows are being made for the entrance of local store called Good Earth Natural Food, here in Spearfish. Still in the studio under construction.

New pictures will be posted soon.

Current Restoration

~Good Shepherd Episcopal Church~

~Mark Window~

~Matthew Window~

~Risen Christ Window~

~Loaves and Fishes Window~

Mark Window

The Mark window was the first window restored, having the most damage along the bottom edge.

Although young windows, the size and weight along with heat and sun can decay a window faster than normal.

The whole outside border needed restoration along with the reinforcement bars and lead that had come loose.

Completely repaired and ready for its trip home.

Mark installed and looking better than ever.

Risen Christ Window

Window before being carefully taken out of the church.

Amazingly enough, the glass wasn't broken along the bottom, which was trapped in the curled molding and folded.

Frame and border repair.

Working my way to a damaged portion in the robes where the lead had seperated from the glass.

While reaching my repair point, the window revealed much more damage than I had expected.

Fully disassembled and ready to rebuild. Heat and pressure changes the shape of glass, so a major amount of refitting needed to be done.

Almost there. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle that fits much better now.

Student Projects

~Glass Play~

This is the 3rd project my youngest son designed and built himself. I helped tune the strings.


~Ethan's Dolphin~

This young, first time student did a wonderful job bringing this playful design to life... Bravo!

~Jane's Joy~

This is my most recent student's first project. Designed together in class and will be the first of many more beautiful pieces to come. I'm so proud or her. Well learned. Well done.

~Nouveau Beauty ~

This is born from a love of the art of glass. 1st project done at home and absolutely beautiful! BRAVO!!!

~American Eagle~

Set up at home and enjoying making gifts for her family.


~Blue Girl~

This is a masterpiece in the making. One of my youngest student's 1st project, that I can't wait to see finished.



This first time student made a beautiful 'Good Luck Charm' that must be kissed before the first inning starts. Done in irridesent glass that will sparkle for the team for years to come.

Great Class K!!!

~Blue Girl~

Finished!!! & Beautiful!!!

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