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Is where you'll find a wide variety of art created at the studio and available for purchase, or ordered if it's out of stock..  If you see any stained glass item, in the marketplace, the gallery and beyond,,, it can be created to your personal specifications and colors.  Feel free to let me know.

Some of the items displayed below are on display at a beautiful shop called, Sunflower Cottage Ltd in Spearfish, SD. 

Don't let the word *Sold* deter you, one can be made to order especially for you.

For now, to purchase, go to the Order Info page and let me know what you're looking for.

Stained Glass Wings & Things

~Peace Dove~


~Flying Dragonfly~

$80.00 *Sold*

~Moon Flower~


~Flying Parrot~

$250.00 *Sold*

~Buffalo Medicine~

$75.00 *Sold*






$30.00 *Sold*

~Leaf Pendant~


~Leaf Pendant/Earings~


~Blue Dragonfly~


~Red Dragonfly~


Stained Glass Lamps & Warm Glass

~Waterfall Lamp~


~Cobolt Bowl~


~Desk Lamp~

$574.00 *SOLD* can be ordered

~Red Ripple Plate~

$29.00 *Sold*

~Gold Wrapped Cobolt Pendant!


~Etched in Sage Candle Holder~


Still working on this aspect of the site.

Please be patient.

 Thank you for visiting Terrapin Studio ...

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